The Netherlands is known for its cheese, amongst other things, and there is no question about why this is, once you discover that the history of cheese making in the region stretches back over 1600 years.

The geography of the country lends itself perfectly to cheese production because there are plenty of grazing meadows in which the dairy cows can feed. Many Dutch specialist cheese makers only accept milk from Dutch, meadow-fed dairy cows.

With hundreds of years of experience to back them, it is no surprise that the Netherlands are one of the leading cheese exporters in Europe. There are a lot of different types of cheese in the Netherlands, including goat cheeses and sheep cheeses. Kaandorp Cheese has been supplying a very wide range of Dutch and European cheeses since 1929.

Why is Gouda Cheese called “Gouda”
Gouda is one of the most widely produced cheeses in the Netherlands, accounting for around 50% of the country’s cheese production and of course originates from the city Gouda. Historians have actually found references to the cheese which date back to the end of the 12th Century, making it one of the oldest distinct types of cheese in the world which is still in production. That is why we call our Gouda cheeses real Dutch heroes!!

It is usually classified as a semi-hard cheese, and has a milk fat content of around 48%. Some Gouda can be aged for over 12 months to help to develop its flavor.